Last Updated : 27/12/2021 IST
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Additional Commissioner

Order No. Date
10/JC/2017 31.01.2017
M/s.Windsor Machines Ltd.,
16/JC/2017 03.03.2017
M/s.Sunij Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
20/JC/2017 31.03.2017
M/s.LGS Formulations.
Corrigendum 12.04.2017
21/JC/2017 18.04.2017
M/s.Amba Gums & Feeds Products
23 to 24/JC/2017 20.06.2017
M/s.Jainik Industries
25/JC/2017 10.08.2017
M/s.Kiri Industries Limited
30/JC/2017 05.10.2017
M/s. Western Auto Spares
32/JC/2017 31.10.2017
M/s. Adco Controls.
07/JC/2018 09.05.2018
M/s.Shriram Tubes Pvt. Ltd.
10/JC/2018 23.06.2018
M/s.Neon Pharmaceutical Private Limited
11/JC/2018 23.07.2018
M/s.Planet Automative P Ltd.
12/JC/2018 27.08.2018
M/s.Shefali Plastic Industries
13/JC/2018 18.09.2018
M/s.Yash Chemax Inc..
14/JC/2018 10.12.2018
M/s.Nachmo Humidifiers P Ltd.
15/JC/2018 10.12.2018
M/s.Kemit Chemicals P Ltd.
01/JC/2019 09.01.2019
M/s.Cony Engineering
02/JC/2019 25.02.2019
M/s.Amba Gums & Feeds Products
03/JC/2019 26.02.2019
M/s.Gujarat Medicraft Pvt. Ltd./div>
05/ADC/2019 30.03.2019
M/s.Adarsh Security and Personal Force/div>
06/Joint/2019 22.04.2019
M/s.Adco Controls/div>
08/ADC/KP/2019 31.07.2019
M/s.Maniar & Co.
09/ADC/MA/2019 23.10.2019
M/s.SPX Flow Technology(India)Pvt.Ltd
10/ADC/MA/2019 25.10.2019
M/s Khodal Corporation Private Limited
12/ADC/MA/2019 26.11.2019
M/s Goyal Safal Estate
13/ADC/MA/2019 17.12.2019
M/s Venus Infrastructure & Devlopers Pvt.Ltd.
10/ADC/MA/2019-ADDENDUM 20.12.2019
M/s Khodal Corporation Private Limited
11/ADC/MA/2019-ADDENDUM 20.12.2019
M/s Riviera Developers
12/ADC/MA/2019-ADDENDUM 20.12.2019
M/s Goyal Safal Estate
13/ADC/MA/2019-ADDENDUM 20.12.2019
M/s Venus Infrastructure & Devlopers Pvt.Ltd.
14/ADC/MA/2019 30.12.2019
M/s Chanchal Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd.
15/ADC/MA/2019 14.01.2020
M/s K&Z Facilities Mangment Pvt. Ltd.
16/ADC/MA/2019 14.01.2020
M/s Envigo Research Pvt.Ltd.
17-18/ADC/MA/2019 16.01.2020
M/s Genesis Learning Initiatives Pvt.Ltd.
19/ADC/MA/2019 27.01.2020
M/s INI Design Studio Pvt.Ltd.
20/ADC/MA/2019 31.01.2020
M/s.Savvy Siddhi Realty & Infrastructure
21/ADC/MA/2019 14.02.2020
M/s.Toll Global Forwading (India) PVT. LTD>
22/ADC/MA/2019 28.02.2020
M/s.Metro Telworks Private Limited
23/ADC/MA/2019 28.02.2020
M/s.Styadeep Infrastructure LLP,
25/ADC/MA/2019 11.03.2020
M/s.Savvy Siddhi Realty & Infrastructure LLP
26/ADC/MA/2019 16.03.2020
The Senior Post Master Navarangpura
01/ADC/MA/2020 06.05.2020
M/S Adani Enterprise Limited
01/ADC/MA/2020 28.05.2020
M/S Hazira LNG Pvt.Ltd.
01/ADC/MA/2020 01.06.2020
M/S Goyal Safal Developers
02/ADC/MA/2020 19.06.2020
M/S Jade Blue Lifestyle India LTD.
03/ADC/MA/2020 19.06.2020
M/S Espee Drugs & Finechem
04/ADC/MA/2020 26.06.2020
M/S Nishant Coustruction Pvt Ltd.
05/ADC/MA/2020 13.07.2020
M/S Gala Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
06/ADC/MA/2020 20.07.2020
M/S Aagam Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.
07/ADC/MA/2020 28.07.2020
M/S HN Safal Reality.
08/ADC/MA/2020 28.07.2020
M/S Adani Infrastructure and Developers Private Limited .
09/CGST/Ahmd-South/ADC/MA/2020 04.09.2020
M/s.Jimit and Company
10/ADC/MA/2020 15.09.2020
M/S Krishna Communication
11/ADC/MA/2020 17.09.2020
M/S M.S. Khurana Engineering Limited
12/ADC/MA/2020 24.09.2020
M/s Kiran Rashesh Limbasia,propritor
13/ADC/MA/2020 30.09.2020
M/s.Surya Real Infra Private Limited
14/ADC/MA/2020 09.10.2020
M/s. Aqua Machineries Private Limited
15/ADC/MA/2020 21.10.2020
M/s.Continents Express Private Ltd.
16/ADC/MA/2020 29.10.2020
M/s.Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
17-18/ADC/MA/2020 02.11.2020
M/s.Sequel Logistics Pvt.Ltd.
19/ADC/MA/2020 02.11.2020
M/s.Aaron Infrastructure
20/CGST/Ahmd-South/ADC/MA/2020 06.11.2020
M/s.JMC Project (india) Limited
21/ADC/MA/2020 10.11.2020
M/s.Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
24/ADC/MA/2020 13.11.2020
M/s.Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
22-23/CGST/Ahmd-South/ADC/MA/2020 11.11.2020
M/s.Central Warehousing Corporation
25/CGST/Ahmd-South/ADC/MA/2020 20.11.2020
M/s.H&K Solution Pvt.Ltd
26/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/2020 22.11.2020
M/s Mehta Enterprise
27/CGST/Ahmd-South/ADC/MA/2020 28.12.2020
M/s Metro Wireless Engineering PVT. LTD.
28/CGST/Ahmd-South/ADC/MA/2020 28.12.2020
M/s Vodafone Mobile Services Limited
01/CGST/Ahmd-South/ADC/MA/2020 18.01.2021
M/s Coconut Media Box LLP,
02/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/RK/2021 20.01.2021
M/s Chirag Copper Industries
05/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/RK/2021 03.02.2021
M/s Adco Controls
19/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/RK/2021 18.03.2021
M/s Jindal Texofab Ltd
20/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/RK/2021 07.04.2021
M/s Krupa Paints PVT Ltd
24/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/RK/2021 07.07.2021
M/s FMC India PVT Ltd
25/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/RK/2021 08.07.2021
M/s Mecab Cables P Ltd
26-27/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/RK/2021 03.08.2021
M/s Cap A Pie
28/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/RK/2021 28.10.2021
M/s Umiya Steel Industries
29/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/DP/2021 27.12.2021
M/s Unique Processors Pvt Ltd
31-32/CGST/Ahmd-South/ADC/RK/21-2022 07.02.2022
M/s Ridhi Corporation
33-36/CGST/Ahmd-South/JC/NB/21-2022 23.03.2022
M/s TFC Freight Solution LLP
39/AC/Div-1/Ahmd-South/JDM/21-2022 28.03.2022
M/s Manjibhsi Fulabhai Panchal
41/AC/Div-1/Ahmd-South/JDM/21-2022 28.03.2022
M/s Tarun S Patel
32/AC/Div-6/Ahmd-South/JDM/21-2022 28.03.2022
M/s Kiran J Mehta
33/AC/Div-6/Ahmd-South/JDM/21-2022 29.03.2022
M/s Vaibhavi D Nanavati
42/AC/Div-1/Ahmd-South/JDM/21-2022 30.03.2022
M/s Nitin Govindbhai Patel
43/AC/Div-1/Ahmd-South/JDM/21-2022 31.03.2022
M/s Uma Enterprise
01/AC/Div-6/Ahmd-South/JDM/22-2023 04.04.2022
M/s Mobio Solution LLP
01/AC/Div-1/Ahmd-South/JDM/22-2023 04.04.2022
M/s Chaudhari Navnit Govabhai
02/AC/Div-6/Ahmd-South/JDM/22-2023 04.04.2022
M/s Ashaben Kunjbihari Talati